Joins in Sql Server


This is an article about joins in sql server . The article covers all aspects of joins using proper examples and Venn diagrams.

What is meant by joins in SQL server ?

Joins are the commands used to combine data from two or more tables based on relation between them. The relation between them is specified using columns from each tables and relational operators like  =,<,> and <>.

General Syntax : –

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String Vs string in C#


In this post I would like to discuss about String Vs string in c#.It is a common interview question for c# beginners.

String vs string

String is a class in .Net library while string is a c# alias or keyword for String class.

String is a .Net Framework date type.Both String and string refers to the same class String in .Net Library. In a c# program you can use both String and string interchangeably. After compilation, both of them will be converted into System.String in IL(Intermediate Language).

string = System.String Class

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Interesting C# Interview Questions


In this article, I would like to discuss some of the interesting c# interview questions,This post will be updated with new interesting c# interview questions.

Question and Answer

Q1 . Consider following code snippets

what will be the value of variable i after these two lines?

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Delete Vs Truncate in SQL Server


This article is about comparing  delete Vs truncate in SQL server, It is one of the most discussed topic on all SQL server forums, So there is no point in just discussing their basic difference, this article will be an elaborate one with supporting explanations.

Both delete and truncate command is used to for removing records from tables, the main difference between them lies in the way they perform this operation.

Delete Vs Truncate

Difference between delete and truncate can be summarized as below

Delete Truncate
Command Type DML DDL
Where Condition support does not support
Reset Identity Column no yes
Acquired lock row lock table and page lock
Transaction log for each deleted row one log indicating deallocation of page
Performance(Speed of execution)  slow much faster than Delete

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How to Measure Execution Time in C#


Sometimes we developers may have more than one way to do a single task. In those cases we can choose the best method based on their execution time. The article covers best methods to measure execution time of a complete c# program or a part of it with better accuracy.

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